A civic technology incubator!

CURA:Tech is a program of the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs

How can technology strengthen
your community?

CURA:Tech supports collaborations among diverse communities in the Twin Cities to design, create and deploy civic technology tools and practices. Cool, right?

Discover issues

civic tech can address

Team up

and develop proposals


and other support

Build tools

that strengthen communities

What are our goals?

To unearth local issues that civic technology can address.

To support collaborative development of these technologies.

To create benefit for low income communities and communities of color.

To contribute, with partners and participants, to the local conversation about civic technology development and public data access.

Civic technology (huh?)

What is civic technology?

Civic technologies are tools that help people connect, have a voice in public processes, access and deliver resources and information, visualize the present and imagine the future.

In CURA:Tech, we're especially interested in how civic technology can increase access to jobs, transportation, housing, education, health resources, a safe environment, public processes and engagement with government and decision makers.

These tools can be mobile apps, websites, data visualizations, animations, text messaging systems or other phone-based systems. These digital technologies can also dovetail with “low-tech” tools, such as printed material, posters, physical games, and other objects.

Take a look at some examples of civic tech, or check out our launch presentation to learn more.

Who else is into civic technology?

There’s lots of exciting civic technology work happening around the Twin Cities. To learn more, check out Open Twin Cities and Hack for MN.

Who's helping?

Thank you to the people and organizations who are advising and supporting this project:
Betsy Altheimer, Azul 7, Brad Brown, Bill Bushey, Steven Clift, Design for Good - AIGA Minnesota, Elise Ebhardt, Adja Gildersleve, Sam Grant, Alaina Harkness, Lisa Helminiak, Reynolds-Anthony Harris, HousingLink, Dan Hylton, Anna Love Mickelson, Nancy Lyons, Tamir Nabrokov, Open Twin Cities, Alan Palazzolo, Fred Rose, Denny Royal, John Stavig, Ange Wang, and Sandy Wolfe Wood.